Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Hebden Bridge Trades Club

In the 1800’s, Karl Marx visited and founded t'Trades as a place of refuge for the fusty cloth makers. During the prohibition era, it put up a good fight for the rights of the drinking classes but was eventually forced into serving Sunday lunches instead until the puritans buggered off to Rawtenstall (i.e., at teatime) at which point the beer came back out for a late-night session (well, ‘til 1.00 a.m. anyway, when the house lights abruptly came on and the bar immediately stopped serving). Over the years t’Trades got taken over by the less industrious element of the populace who to this day have never updated the interior décor which was originally designed by Keir Hardie. They have also never updated the opening hours due to a lack of competition for late night drinking and the venue’s popularity with the exponents of the special Hebden Bridge dance. It is not to be confused with the Triads Club, a benevolent society run by the local Chinese business community....[read more]

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